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What is Tap-a-Meal?

An innovative food delivery app that allows users to find your restaurant, take-away or eatery based on your area, the type of food you serve (indian, burgers, pizza, chinese, etc.), or special offers.

Users place an order directly with your establishment (pays directly through the integrated payment portal) and their food is picked up exactly when ready and delivered directly to their location!

Our developmnent team is consistently adding new features to the application and improving its functionality and features. Benefit from loyalty systems, coupons, payment integration within the application. We're always keeping an ear out to client recommendations as well, to ensure that we address your business needs.

Keep your clients updated and satisfied with real-time information, from when the order is made all the way until it is delivered, giving information on where the food is and in how long a client can expect their meal!

Establish your restaurant's place with the online buying community. Take advantage of Tap-a-Meal's platform to both advertise your business and share your running promotions! A custom feed will allow users to see any specials you post as they browse through the application

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Easy Online Payments

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  • Multiple cards can be stored
  • Bank-level Safety and Security
  • Other flexible payments options also available

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